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At Southern Miss Lawn and Landscape, our number one concern is customer satisfaction. Our success is based on our commitment to satisfy each client for the services received while providing the best solution for each job. We are always responsive to our customer’s needs. No matter how diversified your needs, we can assist you. We offer a full service maintenance plan for your property. We are dedicated to reflecting your preferred style and vision, as well as adhering to your budget.

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Our Southern Style and attitude encourages a personal experience designed to target your goals and vision. A well-maintained lawn is one of the primary elements of an attractive landscape for your home. Lawns have long been a source of pride for homeowners. An attractive yard provides a natural setting for your home.

Complete Lawn Care
Design and Installation
Seasonal Flowers
Lawn Maintenance
Trimming, Pruning
Shrub Maintenance
Sod Installation
Mulch Service